Dr. Daryl Meger, DVM - Owner

As a kid growing up in Regina, I always had a fascination with animals and science. Both my parents came from a farming background, and my continual exposure to both domestic and wildlife stimulated my interest in veterinary medicine. 

After doing a Bachelor of science degree in biology and a brief spell in graduate school, I graduated in 1995 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. I took a job in a mixed practice after graduation where I worked the summer before as a student. With great mentorship, I gained a wide variety of experience with all kinds of animals, and became a partner in the clinic. After nearly a decade I decided to set up my own clinic, and very proud of the team we have created at Whitemud Creek.

I have been doing veterinary work for SCARS, a wonderful non-profit dog rescue group for 19 years. All of my furry pets have been rescues, and I am the current owner of a great SCARS rescue named Scarlet.

I have many hobbies, most of which happen in the outdoors. Fishing, hiking, motor biking, skiing, and gardening are some of the things I enjoy. My job allows me an opportunity to meet all kinds of people many walks of life, and many become life long friends. I feel very fortunate to have a career where I can impact the lives of people and their pets in a positive way.

I have been in the animal industry for over 10 years. My experiences span animal nutrition, health, welfare, behaviour management, grooming and obedience training.

Animals have always been a passion of mine, when I was younger I never wanted anything but animal toys! I knew my life would always be spent in the company of them and now I get paid for it! As the old saying goes, do something you love and you'll never dread a Monday ever again!

Nikki - Kennel Manager

Having been with Creekside for almost a year, I still look forward to meeting every new dog and seeing the familiar faces come back for return visits. My love of animals has lead to the adoption of two cats and hopefully a canine friend in the near future as well!

I have also recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science specializing in Cellular Biology, and hope to one day use my degree to do research in my field.

Jamie - Assistant Kennel Manager

I recently moved up to Canada from Texas and am enjoying everything the Great White North has to offer! I've always grown up around dogs and am glad I found Creekside to explore a possible career in the animal industry!


Parker - Kennel Attendant

Dan - Kennel Attendant

I recently changed careers to join the animal industry, where I feel my passion truly lies. I am hoping to start down the path of dog training and behaviour consulting to help people and their animals live in peace.

I have always grown up with animals and I know I've chosen the right path for my life. 


I have worked for several years with dogs in many different capacities from being a dog runner to a dog-sled guide in the mountains. I learn something new from each job and individual dog. There definitely is never a dull moment working with dogs. I am most fascinated and passionate about dog behaviour and training. I have done lots of research and learning in dog cognition, body language, puppy raising, and force free training with an emphasis on using clicker-training, capturing, and shaping as behaviour modification techniques.


I plan on eventually pursuing a career as a SPCA animal cruelty field investigator. I hope to continue to be involved in animal care and dog training throughout my life. Working here in the kennel and daycare gives me a front row seat to dog social interactions and behaviour along with lots of cuddles and kisses!

Carissa - Kennel Attendant


Ash - Trainer

Growing up I always had a pull towards animal behavior, both domestic and wild, as well as the animal human connection. I spent any amount of time I had learning more about the animals in the world around me. I have always had an insatiable fascination for natural herd and pack dynamics of various species. I found it to be incredibly enlightening in working with domestic animals, and understanding the deeper workings of their inner world. I spent many years in my youth volunteering at a variety of animal rescues, farms, and horse stables. Through dealing with the unique aspects of horse psychology, as well as hundreds of dogs coming through the SPCA (from every different background, breed and age group), the most important lesson I have learned is patience, calmness, gentleness, and confidence are the first pillar in dealing with any animal. Animals truly give back what is given to them.

I continue to be an advocate for positive and force free work with animals. I have seen it's success over and over. Finding a way to bridge the gap between human and animal language barriers is such a joy for me. I have always found animals to communicate their needs. Helping their human caretakers speak their language through positive reinforcements, clickers, voice articulation, body language, shaping and capturing, and treat hierachy is incredibly rewarding for me. Setting ones dog up for success and teaching Yes! rather than No! creates a happy enthusiastic partner.

Most recently I have trained under the Edmonton Humane Society in their Dog Training Certification program. I have learned so many tools there to add to my repertoire and am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a high standing organizations.