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All payments are required upfront

These courses can target specific behavioural concerns, basic obedience, or just to give your pup a refresher on their commands

*Not intended for house training, separation anxiety, dog on dog aggression, or human directed fear/aggression*

All services are available Monday-Friday
$30 per 30 mins

Private Consult with Trainer

Meet with your trainer to discuss your concerns about your dogs behaviour. Together you and the trainer will determine possible training options and the best way to approach training for your dog.

$90 per hour

Private 1 on 1 @ Creekside

Prerequisite - Private consult with Trainer

You and your dog work together directly with your trainer. Through the hour session the trainer will demonstrate drills and techniques for you to then try with your trainer present to help offer any feedback on the techniques. This is best for those who want to be hands-on with their dogs' training and building a stronger bond with their dog.


Day Training - 4 week program
(1 session per week)

Prerequisite - Private consult with Trainer

Drop your dog off for the day. They will undergo training sessions throughout the day with your trainer. They will also take play breaks to join our daycare playgroups. Best for those whose dogs have minor concerns to be worked on and those who have limited time. 

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