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Pick Up and Drop Off Hours:

Monday - Friday: 7am-8pm

Saturday/Sunday: 7am-11am & 4pm-8pm

Regular Kennel .......................................
Deluxe Kennel .........................................
Private Outdoor Patio Kennel .............
Intact and over 1 year ..........................
Non-social ...............................................

*All above pricing is for one dog, all other dogs from the same family will receive a 10% discount


Regular Kennel

Our regular kennel is a 30 square foot indoor kennel



Private Patio Kennel

Our private patio kennel is a 30 square foot kennel with a 30 square foot private patio



Deluxe Kennel

Our deluxe kennel is a 70 square foot kennel with a 70 square foot private patio



Little Dog Room


Our deluxe kennels are very limited. We recommend this option for large breeds or multiples dogs from the same family. 


All dogs must have age appropriate vaccines to attend! 

12-16 Weeks: Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella

16 Weeks+: Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella, and Rabies

ALL guests must have an up to date flea and lice treatment, prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. The two brands we highly recommend are Advantage Multi or Revolution, although we will accept most other brands your vet recommends. 

Check In Check List

Enough food for the stay in a ziplock bag or a new bag of food. Please try and leave containers and dishes at home.

You are welcome to bring personal items such as beds or toys but please limit what you bring to avoid any lost items.

Their up to date vaccines and flea and lice treatment (We only require proof if this is your first stay or they have been updated. Staff will inform you at the time you reserve your spot if they are required).

Please leave at home...

Dishes such as water bowls (unless it is medically required)

Anything of value. We label all items, but there is still a chance they may get lost.

Raw food or Refrigerated food. At this time we do not have the capacity to safely store raw diets. You are welcome to bring dehydrated raw we can rehydrate.

Rope toys and Rawhides. 

Boarding FAQ

What is offered for my cost of boarding?

For our base price of $44 a night, our guests will each get a 30 sq ft run, a raised cot (or a round fluffy bed for our larger or more arthritic guests), blankets, and food/water bowls. They will also get plenty of time outside to play and run with our other boarding guests and our daycare guests.

When is check out?

We run very similarly to a hotel. While we have staff available for pick ups until 8pm, our checkout time is 11am every day. If you are able to pick up before 11am of your last day with us, there is no boarding fee for that day. 

My dog is....can they still come?

Unsocial with other dogs - Yes! Your dog can still come stay with us if they are not social with other dogs. There will be an added fee. This ensures your dog will get a secure, extra large, suite, their own outdoor patio, as well as time outside in the yard with a staff member to still get plenty of exercise and stimulation.  We do not accept unsocial dogs for daycare. This is for boarding only.

Unsocial with people - Unfortunately no. We do not take dogs with a history of aggression towards people. If your dog is social towards select people, please contact us so they can do a meet and greet with staff and we can assess if we would be able to provide the necessary care for them.

Unspayed/neutered - Yes! We accept dogs of all ages who are unfixed for boarding. If they are over 1 year of age there will be an extra fee. Please note: If your female is in heat, they must stay home during their heat and 1 week post heat cycle. If they come into heat while in our care they will be quarantined into an extra large kennel with their own outdoor patio and will not interact with any other dogs.

Not vaccinated - We will only accept unvaccinated dogs with a signed letter from the vet stating the dog cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. We do not make any other exceptions.

What do I bring?

Please see our Check-in Checklist for a list of everything you need!

Why do I have to bring my own food?

Changing your dog's diet abruptly can cause stomach upset, especially in a new environment. This can lead to your dog feeling ill, adding stress to their stay, cause them to be uncomfortable, or have diarrhea. If you forget your dog's food, or your dog runs out of food, we can provide our house food, Hill's Science Diet Digestive Care I/D, for an added cost of $4/cup.

What vaccines are required?

We require Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, and Bordetella. 

Will you accept titer testing in place of vaccinations?

Yes! If you have the paperwork to prove your dog still has the necessary immunity to Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, and Bordetella we will accept that in place of a yearly vaccine certificate! 

Will you accept vaccines done by myself?

Unfortunately, no. We have no way of determining how the vaccines were stored, handled, or administered and thus cannot guarantee their effectiveness. All vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Why do you require flea and lice treatment year round?

Many parasites can survive our winters by hibernating or living inside someone's home. The brands we recommend also work on internal parasites that can even survive our frigid winters! ​

Do you take puppies?

We accept puppies from 12 weeks old and onwards. Due to the susceptibility to the Canine Cough, we do not accept puppies who have not been vaccinated against it.

My pet is on medication, can they still come?

Absolutely! All our staff are trained to administer pills, liquid medication, and shots such as insulin. There is an added fee of $10/day for medications.

Can my dog catch Kennel Cough from your facility?

We use vet grade disinfectant in our facility and have powerful UV HVAC filters and systems, however Kennel Cough is very similar to the human cold, it is an airborne virus that can be passed on just about anywhere. The pet store, the groomer, the kennel, or even the dog park! The vaccine works similarly to the flu vaccine and does not guarantee 100% immunity. If your dog catches Kennel Cough, the vaccine will help reduce the symptoms and severity as well as the length of time your dog is sick. If you are worried about your dog's well being, or symptoms have been present for longer than 7 days, please seek out veterinary care! 

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