Our Training Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve behavior problems and teach effective obedience through humane, force free, positive reinforcement training methods. We focus on building a better relationship with your dog while teaching them "what to do" instead of "what not to do" resulting in a fun environment and long lasting results!

Creekside is now offering Social Drop Ins!


Are you looking to work on your dog's off leash recall in a safe, secure, area? Are you looking to get more socialization for your pup but want to be a part of the process? Are you working on some training techniques and could use a little bit of help? Have a puppy who needs to meet some dogs in a controlled and monitored manner? Or just want some off leash play knowing all the dogs are safe, healthy, and well mannered?


Creekside is now offering Happy Tail Social Drop Ins! Every Thursday (weather permitting) our trainer and 1 acre of fenced in land will be at your disposal for one hour! Our trainer will be around to offer tips and techniques to help you and your dog on your training adventure!

Held every Thursday from 6 PM - 7 PM, please check our facebook page for cancellations or updates!



Requirements: Must be a current or past client of Creekside, attended a group class, or have met the trainer during a private session.

Vaccine Requirements: Must be up to date on all age appropriate vaccines.

Cost: $12.50 a drop in

Happy Tails Social Drop Ins - Not currently available.
Real World Puppy Fundamentals

We go far beyond the bare basics in our Real World Puppy Fundamentals class! While sit, stay, and down will be covered in this course, we will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to create a solid relationship with your puppy through effective communication.


You’ll learn to read your puppy’s body language, understand how they learn best, how to motivate your puppy, what proper socialization actually means and looks like, what play behaviour is good or rude and how to intervene properly with poor play manners so your puppy will be a welcome delight anywhere they go!

At the end of the course you will be able to know how to keep your puppy focused and engaged with you despite distractions, be able to tell your puppy what it can/can’t put in its’ mouth, have your puppy greet people nicely, on and off-leash manners and recall, teaching and having rules for games like fetch and tug, etc.

The skills you and your puppy learn will give you the tools to have a well behaved member of the house who is a pleasure to go for walks with, is polite around other people, is safe off-leash, and easily managed around other dogs.


Next class is

September 22 at 5:45pm

Please leave your puppy at home for the first class! The trainer will be going over some necessary information for the first class.

Age Requirement: 8 months and younger

Vaccine Requirements: At least 2nd set of Parvo and Distemper, once 12 weeks must have bordetella and once over 16 weeks must have rabies.

Cost: $200.00

Basic Obedience

Whether your dog is brand new to manners, or just brand new to your family, basic obedience is a great place to start the learning process! 

We will be covering a variety of information in this class from your basic commands (sit, down, stay) in a distracting environment, enrichment (what do you do with a high energy dog when it's -30??), loose leash walking, how to pick a treat your dog will actually want to work for, and much more! 

IMPORTANT if your dog displays any leash reactivity, resource guarding, unsocial or rude behaviours, you may be asked to leave the class and will be required to complete a set of private 1 on 1 classes before being able to return.

If you think your dog may not be a good fit for a class envionment please contact us about taking some private sessions to focus on the behaviours you would like to see adjusted.

Next class is

September 22 at 7:00pm​

Please leave your dog at home for the first class! The trainer will be going over some necessary information for the first class.

Age Requirement: 8 months and older OR have completed our puppy fundamentals course.

Vaccine Requirements: Rabies, Parvo, Distemper and Bordetella

Cost: $185.00

7am-9pm Monday - Saturday
Closed Sundays
7am-8pm Daily




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